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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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ht and dave, they're hoping to send a clear message about this kind of crazy behavior. >> reporter: jeff, police say this could constitute harassment or an indecent assault and they're warning the teens who are doing it to knock it off. a local member of a local run running club shot that video and tells us this happens all too often and she wants it to stop. >> you see one. the other you caught in between what do i do. >> this is video taped shot by fox 29 viewer cc, who says a group of teenaged boys have been harassing women joggers and walkers along kelly drive. in this case, she says they smacked woman on her behind as she drove past. >> i got you on camera. >> physically assaulting people and it happened to one of my runners in my club. needs to stop. >> i hope they get caught. >> it's a shame. really a shame. why would someone want to do that? >> reporter: gwen wilson and georgia king out for morning walk along kelly drive friday. they were shocked to hear reports of teenaged boys allegedly sexually harassing
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women. >> that is humiliateing for somebody to come and touch you on your back side. i probably -- i don't even want want to say what i might do. >> they think it's a joke and they do it and keep on going and they're not realizeing harm fair causing. >> reporter: philadelphia police have not had any reports of the alleged incidents but they warn dean's this kind of activity could constitute a crime like indecent assault. >> it may be funny to the kids involve but certainly not funny to the victims that are involved. >> reporter: none of the women we spoke to along the drive on friday had experienced this. they were clearly concerned it could happen to them. >> the person may not even want to walk again because they're afraid something like that is going to happen to them. >> very inappropriate with women especially the dutching, the cat calling just stuff do you not want to see when you're out there trying to do your thing. >> reporter: now the young lady who shot the video hoping the woman who got smacked will call police. police say if this happens to you, you should call 911 and police will respond right away. dawn? >> all right, dave, thank you.
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remnants of tropical storm bill are headed our way this weekend. chief meteorologist scott williams in the weather center tracking the forecast and scott a lot of people worried about their father's day plans. will it ab washout. >> yeah, dawn, it does look like we're anticipate something heavy rainfall for father's day itself. but it looks like that rain wants to move out so it doesn't look like a complete wash out the rain that we get could be heavy and it could cause some flood concerns. as we take a look at satellite/radar right now, you can see this kind of pinwheel the leftover tropical moisture just south of st. louis north of memphis and that will head in our direction. take a look at tis computer model you can see by saturday night into early sunday, we're watching that heavy rainfall just a bulls eye right over our area and flash flood watches have already been posted in the anticipation that some parts of the area could see several inches of rainfall in a short amount of time. so coming up we'll have the exact timing of that heavy
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rainfall but as we look at ultimate doppler most of us quiet. a couple of shop ups right now in burlington county and also you can see just to the south and east of philadelphia kind of moving around the belmar area moving toward runnemede as well as approaching gloucester and deptford kind of watch that and then also just south of dover. that seven day forecast and the timing heavy tropical moisture with the seven day coming up. >> i forgive you. have mercy on your soul. you hurt me. you hurt a lot of people. i forgive you. i forgive you. >> a deeply moving emotional day as the man accused of of gunning down nine people inside a south carolina church had his first day in court. >> what is your age? >> 21. >> you're 21 years old. are you employed? >> no, sir.
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>> you're unemployed at this time? >> yes sir. >> thank you. you just her the voice of 21-year-old dylann roof he faces nine counts of murder for the shooting that happened wednesday night during bible study historic church in charleston. bond was set at $1 million such for the weapons charge. during the hearing family members of the victims got their chance to speak to roof. >> this is my son but he was my hero. he was my hero. but as we say in bible study we enjoined you and may god have mercy on you. >> during today's hearing we also learned that each victim was shot several times. we also learned that the shooter's uncle called police after surveillance photos of roof entering the church were released. bond hearing for the nine murder charges roof faces will be held at a later date. a maryland man involved in
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the death of a state trooper there is back in jail tonight this time in montgomery county. john monacello spent part of last -- of the last year in prison he and another man convicted in the drunk driving crash that killed a maryland state trooper in october of 2013. monacello had an outstanding warrant for drunk driving in montgomery county a month earlier. police arrested him at his home in croydon this week he's being held on $50,000 bail. it is certainly not business as usual at a shopping center in philadelphia's hunting park. today there's a lot of cleanup in between the helping of customers at one twenty four yield main ruptured yesterday afternoon spilling millions of gallons of water into stores noon that parking lot. fox 29's bruce gordon live in hunting park. bruce, what a mess. you got your broom out today, my friend. >> reporter: well, not the broom. how about a mop. heavy equipment brought in for the final clean up of the park parking lost bakers square shopping center. the superintendent shop rite reopened rather quickly but
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several stores are still closed. some 27 hours after this latest water main break. outside city water department crews spent this day scraping a thick layer of oozing mud off the parking lot of the bakers square shopping center. inside well the folks at the hair buzz wig store were also cleaning up and buzzing about thursday's mini tsunami at their front door. >> yeah, it was coming like -- like, you know, when you at the beach and the waves, it was just like that. it was coming right underneath the cracks of the door. >> reporter: it was mid afternoon when a 48-inch cast iron water main here buckled setting loose 7 million gallons of water to swamp cars and flood stores. the pipe still buried be 19 the collapsed sidewalk was 120 years old. part of an itching water distribution system in which breaks are hard to predict. >> water main breaks unfortunately they can just occur. you know there's no rhyme or reason sometimes to why they
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happen. >> reporter: water department has funding enough to replace less than 1% of its pipe system eve year. the result, more than 900 breaks per year. most minor but some creating havoc. state senator vincent hazy, hot and humid represents this district and insists the current funding formula is a losing game of catch up. >> the problem with that is we're dealing with catastrophe. it's reactive. we're not dealing with proactive it's a lot cheaper to be proactive and make proactive investments. >> bakers square is just four years old a successful urban shopping center but now is cleaning up from its second major water main break in just 18 months. with half dozen businesses lose losing money during the cleanup. says district councilman curtis jones -- >> brand new development based on old bones equals catastrophe. >> reporter: fortunately this catastrophe did not cause any water interruption in terms of service for homes or businesses.
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but again several of these stores will likely to continue to lose some profits. they'll be closed at least through tomorrow. guys, back to you, dawn? >> all right, thank you bruce. some scary moments for a roofer who zen to the hospital after being shocked on the job. witnesses say zimmerman roofing employees were going down a ladder in front of a home on fitzwater near 21st street when one of the roofers came in contact with an electrical wire. neighbors say his clothes actually caught fire and other workers jumped in to put out the flames. zimmerman roofing says the employee was not seriously hurt but did go to the hospital to get check out. ralph roberts the man behind one of the nation's largest entertainment companies in the world has passed. roberts jumped into the cable tv industry when he bought american cable systems systems then acquired other cable systems changed the name to comcast and you know the story and he ran the company until he was in his 80s. roberts died last night in the city of philadelphia of natural causes.
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ralph roberts was 95 years old. big changes for the boy scouts locally. you can now be a boy scout leader and be gay in philadelphia. today the local boy scout council in philadelphia formally approving a policy that allows gay adults to serve as scout leaders. the cradle of liberty council vote bans discrimination based on sexual orientation for scouts leaders and employees. the board president says that unanimous vote affirmed what has been the council's practice in recent years. former pennsylvania senator is hoping for the second time he's hoping it's a charm in his run for the white house. there he is rick santorum posing for photos at the cher tan hotel in center city. he's taking part in the northeast republican leadership conference that kicked off yesterday, runs through saturday saturday. santorum told the crowd he's the candidate for working men and women. he's one of 12 republicans hoping to win the pear's 2016 presidential nomination. banned from a party all over a text. >> it's not punish film her
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parents but from her school. tonight the little girl speaks out. what she's saying tonight about her mother' decision that led to her missing all that fun. >> tonight we're dropping the cheese steak for some cheesecake cheesecake. the new grand opening that has everyone talking. sean? >> dawn, alan iverson still trying to get a job with the sixers. the answer may not have experience in the front office, but he says he knows plenty when it comes to picking players. sports is later.
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>> is it going too far a controversy in new jersey tonight over what some schools are doing to children who don't take a standardized test. the not required so many parents didn't sign their children up to take the test. >> one mother is outraged over what happened to her little girl at school because of it. fox 29's bill anderson is live in our newsroom. bill, children are being punished for some reason here? >> reporter: yeah, they are. there's been on-going debate in new jersey over how to get
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students to take the new parcc standardized test. one meth is drawing criticism has children as young as nine are facing consequences for their parent's decision to opt them out of the test. ♪ note. >> reporter: the new jersey standardized parcc test that generate the controversy earlier this year when teachers unions opposed them are generating controversy once again this time because students whose parents opted out of the test for them are starting to face backlash. michelle thornton whose nine-year-old daughter goes to school in old man's township salem county new jersey her third grader was told to go see in the library with other students who hadn't taken the test while the test takers celebrateed with video games cupcakes and prices. >> they had video game truck and they had cupcakes and freeze pops and prizes for the kids and i was stuck in the library read reading and doing work.
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>> reporter: michelle said that the school did send a note home asking students to wear sneakers in to school that day. but is he had no idea that the school would exclude her daughter simply because her mother opposed standardized testing. >> it hurt me knowing my daughter was hurt for a decision that i made. if they want to retaliate and discriminate against me, that's fine. don't hurt which ised that. >> the tests are mandatory but a growing movement of people who app pose itty chess unions and parents bought commercials showing their opposition. >> 50,000 people refused to test in new jersey. if they didn't want to us refuse the test then make it illegal that you can't. >> i took the out for my child because i thought best for her and she's punish. >> old man's township district reps didn't respond for request for comment. meanwhile michelle says she's continuing to spread this information because she doesn't think it's right for children to be punished because their parents oppose a controversial
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test. >> mommy refused the parcc test and i was punish. >> reporter: this school year obviously is over but social media is buzzing over whether children should be punish for their pan's choices again next year. we want to know our viewers thoughts. you can comment on our fox 29 facebook page or tweet us at fox 29 philly. jeff we'll see what happens. >> we certainly will, bill. thanks very much. all right. here's a little bit good news. popular restaurant chain the cheesecake factory is ready for its grand debut here in center city philadelphia. today not only did we get a little peek at that new restaurant but we got to troy out some of the new dishes located at 15th and walnut you need to use an he he escalator to get to the restaurant. the restaurant's official opening is next tuesday. welcome to the city of brotherly love. we like to eat. >> that looks good. doesn't it. >> it does. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. not a bad day today. but of course everyone worried about the weekend.
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>> yup. >> yup. >> all important father's day weekend and it looks like we could have some wet backyards maybe for that barbecue. but it all about the timing as we look at the satellite and radar, take look at all of this tropical moisture right now spinning and that is headed in our direction. it will move through the ohio river valley. we've been talking about this and preparing you for this all week long and as we take a look you can see it will be moving in the heaviest moisture overnight saturday into the first part of the day on father's day then moving out so it look leak we will be able to salvage at leave the second half of father's day however, we could see some flood concerns. flood watches already posted for the entire area. tropical downpours. we could see two to 3-inches of rain and more than that in some isolateed spots. it depends on where that moisture says up as we look at ultimate doppler right now most of us are dry and quiet but a couple of pop up downpours have been occurring as we zoom in right now you can see the one that developed around the belmar
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area has fizzled as it moved a little farther to the south and then we've been tracking one in sections of burlington county as well. some very heavy rainfall right now around the hampton furnace area moving toward lower fours toward the pine niece area as we zoom out farther to the south you can see just to the south of dover delaware, big fire fly music festival taking place this weekend so thankfully the showers to the south but it is a lot of mud out there. so just keep that in mind and then we'll be watching late saturday night into sunday morning for heavy rainfall there as well. 87 was the high temperature today. 86 degrees right now in center city. so if you're stepping outdoors it's kind of warm and muggy for your friday. most of us will stay dry. 84 in millville. 80 right now in pottstown. 74 degrees in the pocono mountains. sun and clouds. temperatures still pretty warm, muggy conditions by 11:00 o'clock, 76 degrees. but this is the main event for the upcoming father's day weekend. we'll time it out for you advancing the clock to late saturday. sat at 10:00 o'clock you can see
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some of the rain starts to move in from the west. and then especially after midnight so most of the heavy rain could actually occur while most of you are sleeping. but you can see by sunday early we're talking about that act sis of moisture. take a look at the pink and purple very heavy rain. rainfall rates one to twenty fours per hour. here's lunch time. most of heavy rain is out of here after about 12:00 o'clock on sunday. we start to dry out but some of those creeks and streams could be overwhelmed so keep that in mind that's why i have that flash flood watch in effect as well. so as we take a look at one computer model, you can see it it wants to put the heff eighty three of ax six with the moisture right around the philadelphia area over 2.5-inches. wilmington over 2.5-inches. this is something we'll have to watch. stay tuned new information tonight at 10:00 as well. overnight kind of warm and muggy muggy. 70 in the city. 85 for the high temperature tomorrow and then as we take look at the fire fly music festival saturday p.m. showers 85 degrees. and then am rain on sunday.
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but it's going to be hot and kind of muddy down there so keep that in mind and stay hydrated and turning steamy for the first full week of summer here. >> do you mind if i give it a number. >> go ahead. >> seven today. sunday four for or five. >> first part of the day. we'll go to a six or so. >> we'll average it. >> you like those numbers? >> i do like them. >> what's the number to allen iverson actually getting a shot at the front office? >> what do you think? >> do you have a number? >> i would give it a seven or an eight and only if he can still throw it up. >> i'll give it -- >> in the front office. >> i'll give 83. >> he needs to take the floor. >> once again he's trying to get a job in the front office with the 76ers. he says there's one thing he's a genius at and cole hamels was supposed to take the mound today but a hamstring injury is holding him back. say goodbye to any trade possibles hamels speaks next in sports.
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♪ the phillies are obviously the worst team in the league. it's time to get some young talent in here. cole hamels has been the biggest trade bait but you can't trade a guy who is hurt. hamels was expected to start tonight against the cardinals but he's being held out due to an alleged hamstring injury. there's been chatter that they're just holding him out because a trade is looming. but if he's really hurting, with the trade deadline less than
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month away the phillies won't be getting anything in return dr. hamels talk about his injury. >> to me it felt like a cramp but, you know, you just kind of have to play it by ear and make sure everything is going to, you know come out okay. everything is being read proper properly from trainers. i just want make them aware and make sure we're all on the same page. so, you know for this it's more precaution than anything. >> now to the biggest rebuilding project of all. the good old 76ers. it feels like they've been rebuilding for a long time. general manager sam hinkie seems like he's willing to do it forever. tweet team will have new cornerstone player neck week aft the draft. they'll be adding new swag with him. last night they unveiled their new jerseys i'm kind of feeling it basic but throw back feel. in attendance was throw back of the glory days. ai was in the building. him and larry brown have been lobbying for the answer to get a gig with the organization.
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he may not have loved practice and thing like that but the due knows his hoops. >> that would be one of biggest blessings because i may not know about physical talent but i have a sharp mind when it comes to that look, you know what i mean being able to look somebody's eyes and tell if they'll be in the fox hole with you tonight. i'm a basketball -- to me i'm a basketball genius and i really believe that. you know what i mean? so at any capacity i can help this franchise, that's what i'm going to do. >> it's hit or miss when it comes to things like that. he really thinks he's a basketball genius. >> that is fabulous. >> the answer with the answer. >> hopefully he has the answer. >> guys like jordan are awful at talent. jerry west was great. so you never know. but at least he think as lot of himself. >> he's a fun player to watch. >> give him a shot. >> that does it for us here here tonight at 6:00.
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we'll see you here back after golf. have a great night. inside edition is next.
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the monster speaks. >> what is your age? >> 21. >> doctor ma at the church shooter's first court appears. >> may god have mercy on you. >> and the sister who turned him in. >> she was supposed to get married this weekend. >> and how he tried to get away on this highway. what he bought at this gas station. and he was getting away. until a hero saw him. >> i looked over and i seen the car. and i thought, i've seen that car. then, shoot me, not them. >> how a brave young man tried to save his aunt. >> and trump verses hillary clinton. >> pretty pathetic that hillary clinton just blamed me for the horrendous attack that took place in south carolina. >> as a city


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